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The XSLT C library for GNOME

Module numbersInternals from libxslt

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Implementation of the XSLT number functions

Table of Contents

Structure xsltFormatNumberInfo
struct _xsltFormatNumberInfo
Typedef xsltFormatNumberInfo * xsltFormatNumberInfoPtr
Structure xsltNumberData
struct _xsltNumberData
Typedef xsltNumberData * xsltNumberDataPtr


Structure xsltFormatNumberInfo

Structure xsltFormatNumberInfo
struct _xsltFormatNumberInfo { int integer_hash : Number of '#' in integer part int integer_digits : Number of '0' in integer part int frac_digits : Number of '0' in fractional part int frac_hash : Number of '#' in fractional part int group : Number of chars per display 'group' int multiplier : Scaling for percent or permille char add_decimal : Flag for whether decimal point appears char is_multiplier_set : Flag to catch multiple occurences of pe char is_negative_pattern : Flag for processing -ve prefix/suffix }

Structure xsltNumberData

Structure xsltNumberData
struct _xsltNumberData { const xmlChar * level const xmlChar * count const xmlChar * from const xmlChar * value const xmlChar * format int has_format int digitsPerGroup int groupingCharacter int groupingCharacterLen xmlDocPtr doc xmlNodePtr node struct _xsltCompMatch * countPat struct _xsltCompMatch * fromPat : * accelerators * }

Daniel Veillard