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  1. Troubles compiling or linking programs using libxslt

    Usually the problem comes from the fact that the compiler doesn't get the right compilation or linking flags. There is a small shell script xslt-config which is installed as part of libxslt usual install process which provides those flags. Use

    xslt-config --cflags

    to get the compilation flags and

    xslt-config --libs

    to get the linker flags. Usually this is done directly from the Makefile as:

    CFLAGS=`xslt-config --cflags`

    LIBS=`xslt-config --libs`

    Note also that if you use the EXSLT extensions from the program then you should prepend -lexslt to the LIBS options

  2. passing parameters on the xsltproc command line doesn't work

    xsltproc --param test alpha foo.xsl foo.xml

    the param does not get passed and ends up as ""

    In a nutshell do a double escaping at the shell prompt:

    xsltproc --param test "'alpha'" foo.xsl foo.xml

    i.e. the string value is surrounded by " and ' then terminated by ' and ". Libxslt interpret the parameter values as XPath expressions, so the string ->alpha<- is intepreted as the node set matching this string. You really want ->'alpha'<- to be passed to the processor. And to allow this you need to escape the quotes at the shell level using ->"'alpha'"<- .

    or use

    xsltproc --stringparam test alpha foo.xsl foo.xml

  3. Is there C++ bindings ?

    Yes for example xmlwrapp , see the related pages about bindings

Daniel Veillard